Why choose ISP?

Personalised Partner focus

  • ISP’s approach is to provide a highly personalised service, with a Partner 100% dedicated to each assignment, ensuring that all contact with clients, candidates, sources and referees are made by the person responsible for the project.
  • We do not operate a leveraged model; we never pass work down to less experienced individuals.

Diverse, original research and broad geographical coverage

  • We conduct original and fresh research for every assignment, thinking creatively and pooling our collective knowledge, network and experience.
  • We maintain a tightly managed client list ensuring that the widest possible universe of candidates can always be targeted.
  • We are a diverse team and a firm supporter of the Women on Boards initiative.
  • We bring an enviable track record of Board appointments across a variety of sectors and with broad geographical coverage – delivering searches in regions across the UK and overseas.

Discreet, confidential and independent

  • Client confidentiality – we are experienced in handling searches under NDA to protect client and market sensitive issues without impacting the quality of the search.
  • We never cross-sell and remain independent of Board evaluation, psychrometric assessment, remuneration consulting or the provision of interim or non-board recruitment services.
  • We are widely respected for providing objective advice and market insight.

Affordable and flexible

  • Our approach is flexible and agile, with our search methodology and process tailored to our clients’ specific needs.
  • Due to our tight cost control, fees are proposed at highly competitive rates with structures designed to meet our clients’ needs as closely as possible.
  • We typically invoice upon initiation, delivery of shortlist and signed appointment, rather than on a monthly basis.

If you would like to hear more, we would encourage you to speak to our clients about our approach and the quality of our work.

“Our situation was sensitive and the search mandate highly confidential. We chose ISP because they are experts in their field, a highly experienced and professional team who we could trust to deliver the best outcome for us.”